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Perfect plants for new plant parents philodendron scandens heartleaf philodendron1

Perfect plants for new plant parents

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If you’re just starting out as a new plant parent, or even wanting to spruce up a dark hallway or landing, then this guide is for you. All plants listed are super easy to care for! Plus they can tolerate low lighting conditions! So perfect plants for beginners!

Sansevieria Masoniana “Whale’s fin”

Perfect plants for new plant parents sansevieria masoniana whales fin 600x900
Even with just one leaf, the Sansevieria masoniana is a truly striking houseplant. Like most sansevieria’s they are great air purifying plants for the home.
All sansevieria’s are super easy going plants so prefect if you sometimes forget to water.

Aspedistra “Cast iron plant”

The cast iron is the hardiest houseplant around and will grow without much care at all. I thrive on neglect so don’t feel guilty about forgetting to water me for weeks at a time or leaving me in a dark corner where most plants would cry for attention. I’ll soldier on, just fine!

Philodendron scandens “Heartleaf philodendron”

It’s also known as the Sweetheart Plant. Keep in bright indirect light, they can also tolerate a slightly shade spot.
The philodendrons enjoy a humid environment, mist every now and again. To keep them happy! Throughout the spring and summer, water whenever the top 23cm soil feels dry, watering sparingly in the winter.

Spathiphyllum “Peace Lily”

A favourite of the tropical flowering houseplants and gracefully named the “Peace Lily”, this plant produces long lasting flower stalks that hover above the foliage. It tolerates lower light conditions but blooms best when positioned in brighter light. This plant is also excellent at purifying the air, removing many toxins.
You will know when to water me as I can be a little dramatic, so if you notice my leaves look a little droopy give me a little drink and I will come back super happy.

Epipremnum aureum “Devils Ivy”

The devils ivy is a prefect plant for those who sometimes forget to water, as we say these are impossible to kill! Plus they can tolerate any lighting conditions.



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