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How to care for a terrarium how to care for a terrarium

How to care for a terrarium

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So here’s a few helpful tips on watering, light levels and general maintenance to help you look after your new terrarium and to make the plants inside thrive.

A simple guide on how to look after your new Terrarium

The best things about terrariums is how easy they are to take care of. So it’s a perfect gift for a new houseplant lover. As they are generally low maintenance and require less attention than most other houseplants.

If you underwater your plants a terrarium is a perfect solution as after all they are a closed system. So, they mostly water themselves if the conditions are right.

Watering your Terrarium:

You should check your terrarium every week to see if it is in need of a good watering. If the soil feels dry, spray with water to hydrate the soil and plants.
You can also monitor how high your humidity is through the amount of condensation on the glass of your terrarium. If your glass is constantly fogged up, you might’ve overwatered it.

If you have a closed terrarium on average you should only have to water them once a month. Open terrarium should be watered every three to six weeks.

If you can see mould growing in your terrarium, remove it as soon as possible. This has probably happened due to the excessive water in your terrarium. If you do discover this in your closed terrarium, you can leave your container opened for a few days to allow the water to evaporate.

Sunlight For Your Terrarium:

You should place your new terrarium in an area that gets a moderate amount of sunlight, preferably a North‑facing window. They love bright INDIRECT sunlight aim for 4 to 6 hours of indirect sunshine a day.
If your plants start to brown or wilt, move it away from the sunlight straight away. Move to a spot which doesn’t get too much light as your original location.

Overgrown Plants:

Don’t let your terrarium become too overgrown, you want to be able to admire individual plants and to see other decorative elements inside the terrarium. So keep your plant neat and tidy, trim when they become over crowded. You can also prune their roots to keep them small.

Dirty Glass:

Every once in a while, remember to clean both the inside and outside of the glass. If the glass is too foggy or dirty it will be difficult for the lights to reach your plants. You can use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not use any cleaning products on your terrarium as this could harm your plant.


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