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Winter houseplant care winter houseplant care

Winter houseplant care

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With the colder temperatures and lower light conditions that winter months bring, it’s important to alter the way in which we care for our plants.

Giving our plants chance to rest over winter, allows them to reserve energy to push out new growth as warmer weather and brighter conditions emerge in Spring.

So there’s 5 things we can do to keep our plants in top condition…

Reduce watering

most houseplants go dormant over the winter months and dormant plants need only a little water. Watering too much and too often will cause yellowing leaves and root rot.
So before you reach for the watering can, pop your finger in the soil and have a feel for yourself. Try not to rely on weekly schedules as these can lead to over watering.

Increase light

With less sunshine available over winter it’s important for your plants to get as much light that’s available to them. So move your plants as close as you can to south or west facing windowsill.
Alternatively a heated and sunny conservatory works well, so your plants can get light from all directions.

Keep your plants warm

Most of the houseplants we keep here are Tropicals and they like temperatures around 12‑18 degrees. Our plants also don’t like draughts, so keep them away from open windows and doors.
Dry warm air from radiators can scorch foliage, so position your plants away from those if you can.

Clean their leaves

Our houseplants can gather dust, this reduces the amount of light the leaves can take in. So grab a damp cloth and wipe over the foliage.
For larger plants, a quick rinse over in a lukewarm shower works well too.

Check for pests

Our cosy homes provide the perfect environment for many common houseplant pests, such as aphids, scale, mealy bugs and thrips.
Inspect all your plants, look under the leaves as well as the top and around the base of the plants as well.
We can deter pests by using a mix of neem oil and horticultural soap, sprayed over your plant.


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