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Hudsons Houseplants

at the Hudsons Plants Centre

If you’ve heard of our garden centre, then surely many have mentioned our huge department with houseplants!

Since we started back in 2018 the houseplants department just keeps on growing and we are not ashamed to say that in Derby we have one of the largest houseplant selection around! (Maybe even the midlands!)… and there is still plenty of room for us to grow! Having a lot of experience behind us and working with some of the top growers directly in Holland, we provide you with plants at the most reasonable prices and excellent condition so that you enjoy your plants! We have a mission to show you that indoor plants are affordable and easy to look after with the right advice. Houseplants are not a luxury its necessity to make your home looking more cozy & in tune with nature…

There is a plant for everyone and we sincerely believe in it! 

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Here are some tips how to care of your plants…

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